Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outriggers Thanksgiving Brunch

Start your food festival off at Outrigger's on Thanksgiving! They are having a marvelous Thanksgiving Brunch! It is from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and will feature their signature Bloody Mary's for just $5.00!

They were kind enough to share the recipe with me(now I want one, really, right now)

Recipe info for Outriggers’ Bid Time Bloody Mary:

2 oz of house infused Tito’s Vodka
1 strip of candied black pepper bacon
1 cocktail shrimp
Blackening seasoning and merlot salt mixture
Bloody Mary mix ice cubes

Rim glass with blackening seasoning and merlot salt mixture. Add Bloody Mary mix ice cubes and pour Tito’s Vodka over them. Garnish with candied bacon and cocktail shrimp. Enjoy!

Breakfast with Santa

The Santa Experience

NSB Flip Factory

NSB kids are about to have a new action packed, super fun place to go. NSB Flip Factory is coming to town in January! The Flip Factory focuses primarily on gymnastics for children age 3 and up, but is also offering other exciting fitness based classes for kids pursing a variety of sports.

In addition to gymnastics the Flip Factory will offer tumbling, cheerleading, and speed and agility classes.  They have also created several unique fitness classes that utilize the climbing wall, trampoline, ropes and other cool equipment.  These classes will help increase kids strength, flexibility, speed and endurance all while having a blast!

The Flip Factory will also offer a unique preschool gymnastics program that not only teaches children gymnastics and motor skills, but all incorporates basic academic skills into every class.  This proven method has been used in schools across the country enhancing your child’s ability to learn letters, numbers, shapes and colors all while rolling, jumping and tumbling!

The facility will have a Traversing Rock Wall, a state of the art Spring Tumbling Floor, a Tumble Trampoline, Bars and Balance Beams and a Turfed area for Speed & Agility Training. 

Along with their classes there will be Parents Night Out (I used to love these) and they will host Birthday Parties and other fun events. 

The NSB Flip Factory has something for everyone.  Their programs develop skills in children that can be used in any sport they pursue.  Their professional staff  has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is Safety Certified through USAG.

How can you get your kids involved? There will be several presale events around town in the coming weeks:

On December 2nd, they will be at The Vision Fitness Anniversary Party, if you purchase a class for a gift you will also get a T-shirt and other goodies to include with your gift! 

On December 14th another event at Vision Fitness from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Great gift packages available at this one too!

Finally on December 29th come and check out the NSB Flip Factory Gym and check out the great pre-opening specials! 

NSB Flip Factory will be located at 1180 N. Dixie Hwy in NSB. 
You can reach them at 386-690-3001—beginning November 24th
The Flip Factory website is under construction and will be ready for action on November 21st
Check out their Facebook page and Twitter account here. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whole Fresh Clean

Having hit the dreaded “middle age” I have been looking for an alternative way of eating that could help get me back on track to being healthy. I recently had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Susan Essig from The entire concept of Whole Fresh Clean is to eat real food, in its most natural state, with minimal, real ingredients. It is that simple and includes locally grown, farm raised food that is not packaged, processed or full of additives, chemicals or preservatives. Seems pretty simple until you walk into a grocery store, right?  Well, it can be done and Whole Fresh Clean is here to help! 

Sue is a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach and her website is chocked full of information, recipes, tips and tricks. She researches health topics constantly and her blog has the most current information on a variety of food and health related stuff.

Sue can also be found on Twitter and Pinterest, her Facebook Page is updated daily with terrific information from all kinds of sources. If you want to talk with her one on one she is available for health and nutrition counseling. Plus, she offers workshops, online classes, corporate wellness programs, pantry makeovers and smart shopping trips.  She’s warm and engaging and just great to sit and chat with. Visit her website or social media pages or reach out in email at

I am very excited to be working with Sue and want to share her wonderfulness (is that a word) with you! Click here and check my Facebook Page every Friday for a brand new recipe from the Whole Fresh Clean Kitchen!