Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4th is the Easter Egg hunt in Old Fort Park in NSB. The park is located at 210 Sams Ave in NSB. This hunt is divided by age group and is free. Children should bring a basket to collect the eggs. There will also be free hot dogs, drinks and other activities! The fun starts at Noon! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Missing in Action

I have been out of touch for a few weeks and am slowly attempting to return a state of normal. After 13 days in ICU and about a day at Hospice my Dad passed away on Sunday, March 1st.

For the past year and a half he lived with us in New Smyrna Beach. He moved from the house he had spent over 20 years in with my Mother, put many of his things in storage and moved in with two teenagers. I always knew when he was coming because as he got older he shuffled his feet and his shoes squeaked on the tile. Every sentence started with "I have a question..."or "something is very strange." As you get older and start to forget things, there are a lot of questions and things are strange sometimes. He loved to go to Peggy's Country Kitchen for Goulash and JB's for a Shrimp Basket and Clam Chowder. He loved the NY Yankees, Syracuse Basketball and the Orlando Magic, his biggest complaint in the hospital was he could not watch the Magic Games (other than the food, he hated the food).

I mentioned I have teenagers, they fight, a lot. Many mornings before school he would come out and sing to drown out the fighting...other days he would wait til they left and come out and say..."is it safe?"...and laugh. He loved my chicken and would sit at the table and eat with my son and all his friends and talk about all kinds of crazy things. To their credit they listened and talked to him, never once did they roll their eyes or act anything but interested in what he was saying. A testament to some awesome parenting...

We were sitting around yesterday and my kids were remembering things that I had totally forgotten or never knew. When they were younger my parents would take them on road trips (separately of course). They would count the orange Schneider trailer trucks for the entire trip. My daughter would spend Friday nights at their house and watch old westerns in black and white with my Dad. She would make him popcorn and he would always tell her, "not too much for me Sammi." He spent hours swimming in the pool with them...driving them to practices, picking them up for me, taking them out to eat. Too many things to count.He loved those kids.

He had trouble walking distances the last year, every volleyball or baseball game I went to he said he wanted to go see them play. I wish I had made more of an effort to take him. I thought I had time. There is never enough time. Make no mistake..he drove me nuts the last year..but...I would love to hear those shoes squeaking across the floor one more time.

NSB Eats Organic

A couple of years ago my teenage son started reading about food. Where it comes from, what is in it, pesticides, processing, GMO, all of it. Since then there has been a food revolution in my house. Vegetables from the Farmer's Market, organic eggs, milk, bread & juice. Label reading and a lot of "Mom, where did you get this?"

Although worth the effort it is kind of a pain to be consistently diligent in our efforts. Some weekends I am not around to hit the Farmer's Market, I am too lazy to drive to BJ's (who by the way has an extensive line of organics) or I just want Cheetos.

There is a new produce game in town, it is NSB Eats Organic. It is kind of like a co-op, food buying group type deal. The owner Jana Caylor coordinates all the orders and brings your order to your door. There is no commitment and no minimum order. Just order between Friday and Sunday and on Tuesday your order arrives at your door. You can pay online, check or cash, It really couldn't be much easier.

Yes, I have tried it, this week I ordered, pears, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, blueberries, sprouts and a bunch of other stuff. Jana packaged it all up with the date she packaged it(same day) and brought it to my door. She actually picks the eggs herself from the farm. Who does this? We scrambled some up today and they are fabulous!

So, my conclusion is highly recommend! If you are looking for an easy way to go Organic, this is it! When you see the NSB Eats Organic car around town, say Hi and grab a card. Jana is super nice and loves her job! Her Facebook page is here.