Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Breaker's Night

My kids love Wednesday, it is Breakers Night, as they call it. The Breakers Restaurant on Flagler has .35 chicken wings. My kids love them, I can order 15, they split it and a basket of fries, I get something reasonable and we eat for $20.00. I cannot eat at McDonalds with them for $20.00, and the view is certainly better.

Update on the surfing lesson, since today was early early release day we were supposed to hook up with "Luke" our new surf teacher, I called him a couple times, left a few messages and have not heard back. So.....will let you know how that turns out!!


Anonymous said...

Really great comments!

Tell me, Oh Wise Mother of 'Tweens, how do you manage to have your two children sit together at the same table, share food, and not indulge in sibling bloodletting?