Friday, September 7, 2007


This post is about my new house, and those that know me best will most appreciate it.....

So, I rented this house(that I love by the way) that I had never seen, moved from NC having no clue what I was getting into with two cranky kids, a dog, a hamster and a fish, I had to give a dog to my brother and two cats to a friend, I still have two horses that are currently boarded with no where to go. IS SHE NUTS THEY SAID???

Anyway, we get here, have to stay with my parents for two days til we move in the house, no big deal you say, well, my father recently broke his arm and is not getting around so well, he is afraid to walk around his own house for fear of tripping. OK enter me and my 2 not so pleasant children, did I mention I also have a dog, a hamster and a fish. By the way, they live in a retirement community, they like quiet, the neighbors like quiet, we are not quiet, we have never been quiet, we will never be quiet......the original LOUD family.

So we made it through those 2 days. We get to our new home at the appointed time...the cleaning people are still here, I was told they would be gone and they were doing a "deep" cleaning. I came, they left, lets just say their DEEP and my DEEP are very different.

OK, fast forward, house is now clean...I brought some things from my NC house, washer, dryer, refrigerator, with full intentions of using them and placing my rental stuff in a safe place in the garage. My ex-husband worked for Best Buy and although I did not like him much I do have some of the best state of the art appliances around....ok are you with me now....Vickie are you there.....

My refrigerator is too big, my washer and dryer won't fit....ok so no big deal you is not like I have to go to a laundromat or chill my food in a cooler, the house is equipped. But I am not all that happy that the fridge I can fit a body in is relegated to the garage,I have to stand on my head to see in this little one and I have to use a Downy Ball to distribute fabric softener......did I mention I have NO garbage disposal or ice maker??? I was not aware they still made ice trays.....and I have this really cool little screen thing that keeps food particles from going down the drain....yes, you are saying to yourself right now...this chic is an appliance would be correct.

But, in the past two weeks I have mastered the ice trays, the downy ball, the little screen thing....oh and I can walk to the beach, the river and I have a big ass pool in the back get over it I say to myself.

But the kicker is my cute little beach house used to be a vacation I have an EXIT sign over my front door, a lighted EXIT SIGN.

Now my kids think this is the coolest thing, when the power goes off we have emergency lights blazing throughout the house.....I mean they light the night sky! We could direct in air traffic with our EXIT sign.

I am done complaining now, like I said I love my little house, I love walking my kids to the bus, going to the beach after school, fishing off the dock and being able to visit with my cantankerous father anytime I want to. I can live without all the "stuff" and we will probably be better for it.

I am getting a storage unit for the washer and dryer though...I am not crazy...