Sunday, September 9, 2007

Work At Home

I was out on the little public dock fishing with my kids last night near my house and ran into a neighbor, she said, "what do you do?" Certainly she is wondering why in the world I am taking my kids to the bus in my slippers, going to the beach on weekdays, and doing what appears to be nothing, with no husband or visible means of income. So I told her...

I am a recruiter, or a headhunter as some call us. I find people jobs and I find companies people. This is a GREAT job for working at home, you do need to have some recruiting experience or someone who is willing to lead you along and teach you. You should also be able to go several weeks or months without money (have some savings) as it can take about 8 weeks or more to make your first placement.

I had 15 years of Human Resources experience, I got up, got dressed up went off to the office where I made big decisions about the company and peoples lives. Meanwhile I had a string of nannies, moved 3 times in six years and separated and eventually divorced my husband. When I realized someone else was raising my kids I decided this was a great time to work from home.

I investigated and evaluated many different things. There are good work at home gigs out there, you just have to find them. I have a friend who does medical transcription, one who works for GE Customer Service, one who is a virtual Legal Assistant, several realtors who work out of their homes and one who is a volunteer coordinator for a major charity. My brother does outside sales for a software company and another friend is in pharmaceutical sales. My advice is do something you know and love or at least like to do.

I opted to do something I knew. I am good at talking to people I have never met, getting them excited about new opportunities and companies and dealing with hiring authorities and managers, after all I used to be one.

I love my job, it does not even seem like work most days, the company I work for Sterling Partners, uses all "virtual recruiters", some of us work alone, some in teams. I have a partner that I work with and two people who help me out with pre-screening and phone calls. I spend about four hours a day on the phone, leaving messages and talking to candidates. I break in the afternoon when the kids get home and spend another hour or so in the evening getting organized for the next day and combing thru resumes and answering emails. To be successful you MUST be organized.

Drop me a note if you would like more information on this work at home opportunity or have questions about the others I mentioned above, I can get you in contact with those folks. A couple of good places to check out that have great information:

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So my new neighbor was satisfied with my answer she said she thought perhaps I had a rich dead husband....if only that were the case....kidding I am kidding!