Thursday, September 20, 2007

Laundry Monster

I looked around my house this morning and realized I was in the clutches of the laundry monster, there is a load in the dryer that I have fluffed about 6 times, a load in the washer that needs to be rewashed, an unfolded load on my bed, a folded load on my daughters bed and dresser and there was a folded load on my son's dresser that he finally put away himself in desperation.

I have always tried to do what most professional organizers tell you, a load a day will keep the laundry monster away, I work from home, WHY is this a problem. I have been doing a load a day, just not every day and it has caught up with me.

So now instead of working I am obsessing about this situation and have to go get it completely done. Ridiculous!