Friday, September 7, 2007

New School

Next step - the new school, I have a son in the 5th grade and a daughter in the 3rd grade, he is a social animal and she is painfully shy. I knew this would be tough!

I called Coronado Beach Elementary a couple weeks before we got here. I was given all the information I needed by Cornelia in the office. She was wonderful!

I got there to register on a Friday, had all my paperwork in order, other than the blue & yellow health forms from the health department that FL requires. After I did all the paperwork, Mary Jo in the office gave my children a tour, they met their teachers, she made sure they knew exactly what to do on their first day, even went above and beyond to tell them to come right to her if they needed help or were confused. Wonderful, wonderful staff at this school.

They have been there two weeks and of course they have had the challenges that come with making new friends, new school etc. but I cannot say enough about how kind and giving the staff of Coronado Beach Elementary has been to my children and me.