Friday, September 7, 2007

A Place to Live

Once the decision to move to NSB was made, finding a place was the next thing to do. My parents live in Edgewater, I wanted to be near them but really wanted to be near the beach.

I was put in contact with Prestige Properties, David Kosmas who manages vacation and long term rentals, he gave me some great advice about schools, locations etc.

David told me about a great house in north beach area that was about to be available, my parents looked at it the next day and I rented it sight keep in mind it is half the size of my ridiculously big house in NC.

I decided I had a lot of junk I did not need and downsized, and downsized some more. I still need to downsize, Habitat for Humanity is my friend, I will be their friend too as I continue to take them things I really DON'T need.

If you need help with a rental or a vacation rental, I recommend Prestige, they were very, very helpful to me.