Saturday, September 8, 2007


My son is driving me crazy to surf, he sees those cool surfers out there and wants to be them. He is 10 years old, we moved here from Charlotte, NC, before that we lived in Tennessee, you getting the trend here, NO ocean. He is great on a boogie board but "by the way" I tell him, "you have to stand up and balance on a surfboard".

So after 2 weeks of daily nagging I went with him last night to Inlet Charley's to "look" at used surf boards, Now I am not stupid and did not start being his mother yesterday so I left my purse in the car, I had NO money.

I am happy to say it did not matter, Joe Armstrong was there he showed him some used boards that might work for him, he is a tall kid and recommended that he take a couple of lessons before he buy a board. I was totally impressed, this kid wants a board so bad he would have bought the first one.

Anyway, the very nice young lady working at the front desk offered their card and the name & number of one of their recommended surfing teachers. I called him last night, he called me right back and told me this weekend was bad since the surf was so high due to the storms offshore, how about one day next week. He did not want me to waste my money and wanted the kid to get the most out of it. Again, I am impressed. He asked me for a bunch of pertinent information, age, size, etc and we made a plan for next week.

Two people in one day who are in business to make money and did not take my money! This is great!

I recoommend Inlet Charley's as a business with some integrity and if you want the scoop on the surf coach, I will fill you in after the lesson next week!