Sunday, September 16, 2007


We made our first visit to church in town today, we attended Coronado Community United Methodist Church
My son is friends with a boy whose family attends regularly and I have become acquainted with his parents, they are very nice folks and I have been wanting to start attending a local church.

Let me tell you about it....we were meeting our friends so I waited in the courtyard for several minutes, then went to the table that had food and drinks and got my daughter a quick drink of juice. There were quite a lot of people milling around and I attempted to make eye contact with a few of them, not much response, well how about no response. I went into the welcome office (that is what the sign said) and asked where I should take my daughter for Sunday school, the very nice lady pointed to a door around the corner and said "through there". There was a place to sign in and some forms to fill out if you wished to "register your child".

I filled out the form for my daughter and our friends showed up, they directed me to where she needed to go and my son was already in there as he came with them. I then went with them and enjoyed a wonderful service, I sat in the balcony and enjoyed the choir, and the sermon very much. I retrieved my children, spoke to each one of their teachers and went on my way. One person (other than those I knew)said good morning, I was kind of surprised that although we were clearly strangers and out of place, no one really tried to say hi or make us feel welcome. I was pretty uncomfortable and I am sure my children were. I think we will try a few more churches before we decide on a new church home.