Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to New Smyrna Beach

That is what I hear everywhere I go here in New Smyrna. I moved here a little over two weeks ago, after years of visiting and vacationing I finally said now or never. I finally had a job working from home, I was recently divorced and it seemed like a great time for a change!

So I packed my moving truck and rented a house in North Beach, my house in NC is for sale, even when it sells I will probably have to rent for the rest of my children's elementary years because I am sure I can not afford to buy in north beach!!

I am going to share our experiences here as newcomers, our visits to restaurants, schools, stores, churches. It should be interesting for natives, snowbirds and those that are new permanent residents to the area.

Join me in my exploration of this terrific area to live and raise a family!