Friday, October 5, 2007

Book Swap

I just got a book I have been dying to read from Bookins. It works like this, you sign up for free and list all your books that you want to swap, when someone wants your book, you get an email, you print the postage off your computer (no charge to you) stick it in your mailbox and away it goes. You get points in your account. When you have a book YOU want, add it to your "wish list", when it becomes available the owner prints the postage, points are deducted from your account, you pay the $4.49 shipping and the book is sent to you. Check it out if you love to read!


Anonymous said...

If you like Bookins, you should check out

Their you can trade your books, cds, dvds an dvideo games (your kids) for free.

And with their new promotion, the more friends you tell even their shipping is free.

Recruiter Mom said...

thanks I will check it out!