Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mainstreet Grill

I will probably eat on my own side of the bridge from now on...I heard from several people how good the food was at the Mainstreet Grill at 1610 S. Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach. Well....let me tell you, I took the kids there after a shopping expedition, we ordered a child's chicken dinner, an early bird sirloin & fries and a mixed grill with a baked potato. We got our drinks and salads, and then watched for one hour everyone around us get served....finally a server said, are you waiting for something...well yes our dinner. She checked (she was not our server) said the manager would be over....she came and said they lost our ticket...yes I worked in food service for a time...that is a bad excuse.

We got our salads, and drinks and apparently they only lost part of the 15 more minutes passes and my daughters child's meal arrives and part of my dinner. My son is still waiting for a steak and fries, at this point I have had enough and the kids are asking to go home and have ravioli. I asked for a box. NOW the manager comes back and asks me how the steak for my son should be cooked. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Now they bring my potato and his steak, no fries, he has already eaten my steak so I ask for another box and the check, she brought me his fries at this point. It was BEYOND ridiculous. So, I ask for the check, I know you are saying to yourself...there should be NO check...well guess what..she took off ONE dinner. On the way out I reiterated to her that it was ridiculous that I paid anything and I was amazed my how bad the service was. She again told me they lost our ticket. I said at the point they realized they LOST the ticket they should have made the food, we waited 30 more minutes and did not get it all at once. She really just wanted me to leave at this point..I was happy to oblige her and we will NOT be back.

I am one of these people who never complains in a restaurant, it is a tough job and things happen, but if they happen fix them....


Anonymous said...

I have not had a problem with the food or service, My problem and comlaint is with the cook with the scragaly beard and hair and the old dirty camo ball cap. This person dosn't need to be around the food.