Monday, October 8, 2007

Pinata Party

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, my kids have never spent these special days with their grandparents til now. They are beyond excited, we went to Publix last night and got a cake mix, frosting and decorations.

As we strolled thru the store, my eight year old daughter saw the Pinata's hanging from the ceiling. She thought it would be a fantastic idea to get one for Grandma, all I could imagine was my 68 year old mother blindfolded, chasing a pinata around with a stick.....she thought it would be fun if Grandpa played too. Picture it with me, my 78 year old father, who has recently broken his arm and had a pacemaker installed....yea, honey let's blindfold the old man and watch him fall down...oh imagine. Her little heart was in the right place, but you know how sometimes something just hits you as funny and you can't stop laughing...well that was me....we settled on a plant and a balloon. We will save the Pinata for another time.