Friday, November 2, 2007

Holiday Organization

Throughout the year I follow the Flylady principles. This makes is fairly easy to roll into the holidays. But this year we moved, I have a garage full of stuff, a storage unit, closets that are not organized on it goes....

So I started today organizing one thing at a time. I thought I would do the kitchen today, HA, did not happen,I realized quickly I had to take it in pieces. I did the pantry. Just the pantry.

1. Remove everything, clean the shelves and doors inside and out
2. Discard anything that has expired
3. If you have not used it in a reasonable amount of time, toss it.
4. Put like items together, canned good, snacks, pasta, condiments, etc.

Now I can find everything, my kids can find the snacks, it is clean and neat. A few minutes a week to keep it that way, and to put things away properly after a trip to the grocery store will keep you together.

Flylady would be on to the refrigerator....