Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The sale on my house was final today, the deed was recorded and the funds were disbursed, I will be a few dollars richer in a few days. Very few. My ex-husband will be richer than me, because the state of NC laws are so very ridiculous that it is easier to just give in than to hang around and fight. It was easier to give him more than he ever gave in order to get rid of him and be done with it so we can all move on.

This is a man who spent 4 hours arguing about a television in mediation. Then did not want to spend any money on his kids health insurance...and oh yea NEVER asked about visitation.

My attorney who was wonderful to me during this two year ordeal gave me the best advice I have had...he said. It will eat you up if you let it. Move on and remember you got the best part of the deal...he got more money and gave up his children in the process. Pretty bad deal for him......


Ann said...

So right! Money can't buy love or happiness!