Friday, December 7, 2007

Kiss & Tell

So, yesterday I get a call from my son's teacher. He starts the conversation with, "we have a problem". Great, *&$#%, great, I thought. Well my precious 10 year old was caught kissing his girlfriend on school property by the janitor. Well, since it was the janitor he is not getting a disciplinary "referral" as they call it. But he will get a talking to by the principal.

Here is how my conversation with him went:

Mom: "Did you kiss a girl at school today?"
Boy Child: "Not on the lips" (nice)
Mom: "That was not the question, did you kiss her?"
Boy Child: "Not on the lips" (this kid drives me nuts)
Mom: "OK, did your lips touch any part of her"
Boy Child: "Well, yea her cheek"(lord, help me)
Mom: "So you did kiss her?"
Boy Child: "Not on the lips." (you are kidding me right???)

Meanwhile, my daughter is delighting in his obvious discomfort, and she is urging me to "ground him mom, are you gonna ground him??? Come on mom, ground him."

I have still not resolved in my mind why my 10 year old is kissing anyone, but my brother tells me this stuff goes on, and my father a retired teacher, tells me..."this is just the start you better nip it in the bud or he will be hiding in the janitors closet making out" (Gee, thanks for the HELP DAD!)
His teacher tells me there is "a lot of love going on" in the fifth grade and they are going to talk to all the kids today.

Anyway, the end result was I sent him to his room to think about it. NO TV, no computer, no bike, no nothing...he was fairly miserable.

But Girl Child was just gleeful....her thoughts on the dilemma:

"His misery is my pleasure!"

I find it amazing that Boy Child even likes girls after living with her.


Ann said...

Luv it! Better start talking about abstinence!

K said...

Sent this through a post as my e-mail is jacked up - I can receive but cannot send.

Love is in the air - my fifth grader just attended a b-day party which included a bonfire and hayride, which turned into a rolling version of "kiss the girl".

Thank goodness she was not the one sending and receiving, but it was going on right in plain view of the b-day girl's parents.

We had the talk about "first kiss" and what it means, not sure I got through. At their age, we were still chasing each other around the play ground - times have changed.

Keep the lines of communication open, they are listening, even though they may not act like they have heard a word you said.

Man - ain't kids Grand! hee hee

ginab said...

I just love the girl child. She is sooooo verbal. Tell boy child that he isn't bad. I love them both.

Corine said...

Good words.