Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes, Christmas in Wisconsin

OK, so I would have posted yesterday but I was enjoying the Atlanta Airport, I was enjoying it with all of my new friends, the ones headed to Hilton Head, the ones headed to Greensboro, the ones headed to Chicago and the ones headed to Milwaukee, I got to make lots of friends at the three gates I sat at while awaiting my flight to Madison, WI for 7 hours. At least I made it at midnight last night, my Milwaukee friends were cancelled as I was leaving...but the Atlanta Airport has wonderful amenities I now know, they have bathroom attendants, they have wireless internet for the bargain basement price of $7.95 per day...let me tell you when you break that down by the 420 minutes I was there with an 8 year old child who wanted to play Webkinz, it was priceless. That girl child sat on the floor on her coat in that airport and never complained, whined or said are we there yet once. She is amazing....Webkinz helped!

The fun does not end there however, as we were preparing to board, the lovely gate agent asks for a head count of those traveling with children that have a ticket. there were 2, why does this matter I and all my new friends wondered? Well because the weather in Madison was so bad, they had to bring extra FUEL in case we had to fly on to the "alternate destination". I am still not sure where that mystery location is, but I can tell you that at that moment I was hoping it was the Bahamas.

Extra fuel means weight and balance issues, which mean plane too heavy, which means drop like a rock with a little ice. I LOVE WINTER! Well somehow they worked that all out not sure whose luggage they left behind, but since I did not have any I did not care!! I was fresh out of compassion for my fellow man by this point!

You are thinking I am done with this happy Christmas travel tale...but no there is more, we arrive and I will not even go into the landing or the fact that I have never wished more for a reason to be wearing a Depends Undergarment....I will move right on to the ride from Madison airport to the community that is sitting just this side of the gates of hell that my brother lives in. It is an hour ride in clear weather, well can you say ICE and SNOW and trailer trucks driving the normal speed? We saw 12 and yes I did COUNT THEM, 12 cars, SUV's, and minivans on their ROOF. Yes upside down, we even got the pleasure of seeing one careening into the ditch in front of can read about the storm here.

But we made it in one piece, I have peeked my head outside once today, it is clear and snowy and refreshingly beautiful for this Florida girl, but the high is 32 so I have not ventured out.

SO, here we are. Merry Christmas to all!


Kaley said...

For someone who hails from the fine state of New York, you should be use to the cold, 32 degrees should be a walk in the park for you! Do you not recall, having to have Benny plow you out of your driveway?

Having said that, this true Florida Native has adapted to the cooler climate, and while we have no snow we are enjoying the brisk 30degrees.

Hope you and your family all have a very Merry Christmas together!

NSB Mom said...

AHHHH, yes the good old days!! NOw I look forward to a nice stroll on the beach...but really this has been fun and I forgot how much I missed Robby til we got here, he has quit bugging me about moving here, I am not sure how much longer he will make it!

Ann said...

Yeah, you would think that you could handle the snow and cold weather...