Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gift for the Mountain Man

Fireplace Screen w/ Two Deer (Rustic Metal Art)

I am trying to contain my excitement! Mountain Man who is my brother...has some serious deficiencies in decorating his new house in the WOODS of Wisconsin. So I am committed to help him! I assure you he is thrilled by this assistance. He is quivering with anticipation at the treasures I will uncover!

The first one is above. I love it! IT is from Black Mountain Decor, I am going to try and find some chilling dead animal wall art for him as well. He really wants a dead animal head for the wall but in the meantime I will make it my mission to find him something appropriate!!!


Ann said...

I will soon have four, yes 4, dead animal heads hanging on my walls. Please come break in (I will leave the door unlocked) and take them...