Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Joy of Marriage

Bet that title caught your eye! I know it did if you have known me for more than 15 minutes. I was thinking today about those little things that make being married worthwhile. A plug thingy...if I mentioned a plug thingy to my ex husband he would know exactly what I am talking about....and usually he could produce one from the chaos that was his work truck or our garage. He could change the direction the door the dryer opened, change the water filter in the refrigerator and a variety of other 'boy' things that I have no interest in doing. But do not roll your eyes dear friends, I have learned how to locate a plug thingy in my clean garage, I called the repairman to switch my dryer door and I can change my own water filter. I always took out the trash so that was not even on the list.

So whether you are taking out your own trash or not smile, be happy!


Ann said...

Good girl!