Sunday, January 13, 2008


So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself today, again my house was a wreck, my laundry is three miles high, my vacuum quit working, I have to find a new stable for my horses, my 10 year old is in total brat mode, I cannot see the top of my desk.....shall I go on or do you have the picture? Well I get an email from my friend Annie over at Ann-Crabs, her dog was bit by another dog this weekend, she had to have a drain tube put in and is wearing one of those lampshade things on her head....this dog is a German Shorthair so no, she is not the calmest of animals, enter the lampshade....well, if that is not bad enough, her toddler screams in terror every time she sees this poor pooch. So unhappy, dog with a drain tube and a recovery collar and screaming toddler....yes, I happily cleaned my house, started the laundry, ordered me a new Dyson Vacuum off and generally went on with my day! Sorry Annie!

I love reading organizing and cleaning blogs from real people who do it without a staff of people (yes Martha I am talking about you)....

I was on one of my favorite blogs to day, OrgJunkie and she had some great tips from another blogger who is now becoming one of my favorites. Check out this plan for making a mail center, then check out her other stuff, it is pretty darn good.

Also some pretty good organizing tools on this site.

Be Organized, Shop

Happy Organized and Clean Monday to all!


Leslie said...

I love Orgjunkie!

Ann said...

When I get organized, I will check out orgjunkie!

Ann said...

Brian says you are having fun at Daisy's expense!

NSB Mom said...

WHO ME???!!!