Saturday, January 19, 2008


You know who they are, the car snobs drive Escalades or Mercedes, the clothes snobs with their expensive designer labels, the food snobs with their organic health food or expensive wines (my brother is one of these).....I am so sorry to say I have joined the snob category.


For years I had an old Kirby, I mean OLD, it weighed in the neighborhood of 200 lbs and I lugged it everywhere. When I moved to Florida my movers made fun of me dragging this "antique" vacuum to Florida. That thing was incredible. It would suck up the rug!

Shortly after we moved I was vacuuming and it began smoking...I, of course was in denial..I turned it off and waited.....turned it on and it smoked more and whined. You could not hear it whining over my whining....I put it out for the trash. IT was a terrible moment.

So off I went to the Wal-Mart, I bought a 75.00 Eureka. It sucked..or should I say it sucked for two weeks, then it decided it was no match for my hairy dog, messy kids blah blah blah. It quit. Oh if I wanted to take the hose off and stick a skewer in it and dig out the dog hair every time I used it, it worked great. I love to vacuum and do it often, this skewering, no sucking thing DID NOT work for me.

So I bought a Dyson, I told all my friends, I waited with great anticipation for its arrival, I greeted the UPS man eagerly at the curb when he pulled up. I told him I bought a Dyson, I could not contain my excitement. I know what you are thinking "my god, she needs to get a life." Don't worry I was thinking the same thing.

The best news is, I vacuumed last night, well five minutes after I got it. My 8 year old had to help me put it together, it was easy to assemble I was just too excited to read the directions. I was able to vacuum my entire house, not once but twice, it picked up a medium sized animal worth of dog hair and was worth every penny and no this is NOT a paid advertisement, I just wanted all of you to share my glee in vacuum cleaner snobdom! Oh the joy!


Ann said...

Love it!