Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fitness Frenzy

The New Year fitness craze is over. I went to the gym this morning and found a parking place. Then I found a treadmill, and I did not have to wait for the machines. Wednesday is usually busy at Nautilus by the Sea but not today, or yesterday come to think of it. Just guessing but I would say the New Years resolutions to lose weight and get in shape are starting to fade away as life gets in the way. But....If you are a local resident and want a nice community gym, that is clean, has nice equipment and very reasonable prices check out Nautilus, it is in the plaza next to the Beachside Publix.


Ann said...

My fitness center was packed on Tuesday night. Not sure why, because I agree, the New Year's Resolution people have all quit by now. Guess it was due to a forecast of bad weather.

Ann said...
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