Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Smyrna Steakhouse vs. South Atlantic Grille

I have spent plenty of time in the beachside restaurants, with and without my children, I am going to spend some time telling you about them.

The New Smyrna Steakhouse really deserves its own post. This is an upscale really nice restaurant, great menu, excellent food. I have been there with just adults and I have taken my kids on a Tuesday night, and a Saturday night. They greet you cheerfully, seat you, treat your children like little adults and provide EXCELLENT service. I have NEVER had a bad meal or unpleasant service.

NOW, let me tell you about my two experiences at the South Atlantic Grille.

This is a relatively new restaurant on South Atlantic, nice atmosphere, nice menu. I cannot tell you about the food, because I have not been allowed to eat it....let me tell you why.

The first time I went I took my kids, they are very well behaved and have very nice restaurant manners. We walked in and a server greeted me with "do you have a reservation?" Two tables had people at them. I said no, she said we are full til 9pm. I was obviously surprised as there were 10 tables empty in my direct vision. She said well, they are all reserved." I said okay and left.

SO....tonight we went again at 515pm, yes it is Valentines day, BUT, it was early. The same female bitchy looking server does not even let us get in the door and says "DO YOU HAVE A RESERVATION?" I said "No, but it is early, I brought my little sweeties for a nice valentines dinner." (I had my children with me.) She and another person were quite clear in their message that we were not welcome, they were full, again til 9pm. This time I questioned it. I said all these empty tables and we cannot eat? I was told they were reserved, ok, whatever.

We left. We had dinner across the street at Chases. When we left Chases a full 90 minutes later, the same number of cars were in the parking lot. We drive thru the parking lot and there were still empty tables. So this brings me to the question, "did they not want to serve me with children?" Same thing happened both times. I went on their website to send an inquiry to them, no email address. I will call tomorrow and attempt to make a RESERVATION, no I am kidding, I won't waste my time, there are so many nice places I can go with my kids that I do not have to ever eat there.

Spend your money at the Steakhouse. They have much more class!


Lorraine said...

We dd not care for SA Grille anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. We have thought many times about giving South Atlantic Grill a try, but have not. We love NSB Steakhouse and Blackbeard's!! I do not think we will try SA Grill.

Anonymous said...

If you knew you should have had a reservation the first time you went, why on earth would you not think you would need a reservation on Valentines Day?

NSB Mom said...

Although that is a good question, I guess I figured at 5pm not that many people would be eating. I guess it really does not matter since they closed some time ago. Not enough business I guess, kind of hard to believe since they always said they were so busy....

Anonymous said...

I worked there for 8 months before they closed, they were not biased against children but it was pretty much by reservation only restaurant. Their food was awesome I ate it everyday I worked and never got tired of it.