Monday, February 11, 2008

What Happened to Customer Service?

Girl Child spent the weekend in bed, sick as a dog.The poor baby came down with the creeping crud on Friday night and was still quite sick this morning, since we moved 6months ago to New Smyrna she has been very healthy. As a result I have not established a pediatrician. So I took her to my family doctor (who was my family doctor for 10 years in Orlando before he moved his practice here). I adore him. He is wonderful. His nurses are wonderful, his partners are wonderful. SO what is it I am going to rant about, let me tell you, his receptionist who I will call "J" is not wonderful and I don't adore her.

I called this morning to set up the appointment, gave her my daughters name, told her she is 8 and has never been there, so I get there and "J" says "I did not know she is a new patient" and gives me a look like I have 2 heads. (Perhaps if you put your listening ears on "J" and pay attention you will know these things.)

OK, it gets child is very sick, high fever the works, she had to have a shot, she was clearly unhappy when we left and I was just trying to get her out of there, I paid my copay and left. I realized when I got home I needed a dr's note for school. So I very politely called back and asked "J" to fax me one. The conversation went something like this:

"J" says "it is easier if you stop back by and pick it up", I reminded her that I was there with a sick child and really could not bring her back as she is SICK, remember her the one who shrieked when the nurse gave her a shot because she is SICK. So "J" says, "I am not sure of any other way to do it"...(you are kidding me right?) So I said again as sweet as can be, do you have a fax machine? She says yes, I say, "well so do I can you fax it?" Get ready cause this is good....she says "it is easier if you pick it up" (Please lord deliver me from slapping the crap out of the chic when next I see her.)

Now I know that I have very little patience at this point, I have not had much sleep in the past three nights and I am tired, my kid is sick and cranky and so I am trying to not just let loose on this unfortunate example of customer service. So, I politely told her, "J" it may be easier for you if I put my sick child back in the car and drive over there, but it is certainly not easier for me, and since you have the technology to send it to me could you please arrange to do so. She said "you really need to come pick it up" (now you want to slap her too don't you?)

So I did what any tired, bitchy mother would do at this point, I gave up, I told her "J" I will call you back tomorrow when perhaps you will be in a better mood, or perhaps I will have the good fortune to get someone else who will help me, have a nice day."

UPDATE: I contacted the Office Manager today, we will call her "M". She faxed me my Doctors Note with no issues....imagine....


Ann said...

I feel your pain. They would do better to hire the mentally challenged at doctor's offices. We would at least get someone who was friendly. I would write a letter to the doctor and CC it to the office manager about that. Ugh!