Monday, March 10, 2008

FCAT & Daylight Savings TIme

I am pretty sure the people running the schools in this state do not have children. This week is Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test(FCAT). The big state test that all the teachers must teach to in order to keep their school at a high grade. The brilliant No Child Left Behind Program, yes that was sarcasm.

Daylight Savings Time started this weekend, so the kids who have to take the FCAT, lost an hour of sleep, have to wait for the bus in the dark and the best part is the buses in Volusia are coming 15 minutes earlier starting tomorrow, in order to be sure no one is late. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

If you have kids you know how hard it is to get them to bed, try doing it the first few days of Daylight Savings Time. I am curious as to why the brilliant powers that be in this state did not have the FCAT the week before spring break, or last week, or any other week but this one? That would make sense.


Ann said...

Our educators in this country are such morons!