Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Enterprise is Alive and Well

My daughter came in from the garage a few minutes ago carrying the broom, she was acting like this was a normal occurrence. So...I played along, said "whatcha doing with the broom?" Girl Child says, "I am going to sweep the kitchen" she gave me a look like, duh what do you think I am doing?? So I said ok, obviously having no clue what the heck she was up to. Next she came and asked me where the mop was. I told her, and she mopped the kitchen. By now I am completely flabbergasted.

When she was all done, I thanked her and she said "you are welcome" insert crafty smile here. "By the way", she says in her sweet little voice, "You owe me a dollar". I said, "what?". She laughed and said "that is what I am charging you for sweeping and mopping." GREAT. I just got scammed by an 8 year old. Free Enterprise at its best.


Ann said...

LOL!! Tell her you will take it off her account for all the laundry and cooking you do for her.

Leslie said...

she punked you!