Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jack is a "BABY"

We have talked about Jack before. I love Jack, and my children love Jack. Jack loves us, Jack protects my children without question. Tonight a group of people walked by my house and Jack barked and ran up and down the fence, one of the people commented to me that "your dog is a big baby". He WAS wagging his tail at the time.

A few minutes ago, one of those people came to my door, he asked if he could use my phone, now it was 10PM and who does not have a cell phone? His "posse" as my son called it waited by my mailbox. I am sure when they went by earlier they figured out I was home alone with two young children, I am not sure what they thought they would get but I am CERTAIN it was not JACK.

Jack suddenly appeared at the door, placing his 150 pound body between me and the door. His demeanor left no room for argument. I will die to protect my family. Oh yea and I will kill you in the process.

So, Mr. I need to use your phone went on his way. I have made fun of Jack chasing squirrels and cats and even birds. I make fun of him to my brother, his owner, that I am glad he keeps me safe from squirrels.....tonight let me say.. Thanks Jack, for keeping us all safe from people who think you are a big baby!


Les said...

and he is SO handsome!

Ellen said...

Jack is a keeper. There is more crime in New Smyrna than you know. Be glad.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Jack, who looks very stately in the second picture I might add. I would have loved to see the look on their face when Jack step up to show them who was boss!