Sunday, May 11, 2008

Close Our Beach?

Do you read the Orlando Sentinel? If you missed the "Viewpoint" in the Sunday Volusia section please feel free to read it here

This individual, Brenda Quiles, from Oak Park, IL has sent her suggestions and comments about our beaches here in New Smyrna to Volusia County. She has apparently visited here at some point in the past although she does not say when. She is clearly dismayed by our terrible record of shark bites.....our lack of appropriate "policies and procedures" to reduce the number of shark "attacks", she even suggests our beaches be closed, she says and I quote,

"I am requesting that the county immediately close this beach or implement reasonable policies and procedures to minimize these shark bites by providing effective policies which limit the number of shark bites. I am also requesting that the county provide accurate and reliable statistics on the number of shark bites."

Is this woman out of her mind? How in the world is someone who has visited here suddenly become qualified to advise and request the county to close the beaches? Much of the local economy operates because of our beaches.

I would advise and request Ms. Quiles to mind her own business, find a new place to visit as a "tourist" or better yet, stay in Illinois where I am pretty sure she will be safe from sharks.....


Alana said...

A truly brilliant idea! Close the beach...come on, why would the paper even print that garbage.