Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green is Good

Everyone is talking about "going green", I even talked about it on Earth Day. I try and do my part to limit my carbon footprint (did you know there was a website dedicated to this)and save the world from global warming . I religiously recycle, I use canvas bags when shopping (these have a gazillion other handy uses), I hang my clothes on the line, I try and turn off my lights - my father points out I am not so great in this area.

Anyway, it has recently been pointed out to me by a dear friend, who I used to be related to, that I am failing miserably in the "saving the world" effort. Why you ask are all my efforts in vain?

I am going to confess, here it comes....I DRIVE AN SUV . Yes, it is true, it is a big american made, gas sucking pig SUV....the really shameful thing about all this is....I LOVE MY truck.

Thankfully, I work from home, so I can defend my socially irresponsible decision to drive a vehicle that gets 12 miles to the gallon by saying I only drive it about 30 miles a week. WELL, my treehugger friend and former relative feels that I should trade it in on a 50 mile a gallon, corn burning mini car.

It ain't happening.....I should be ashamed to say, I love my truck, its eight cylinders of gas sucking horsepower, its I can go anywhere 4-wheel drive, its rear entertainment center and leather and towing package, I love it all. I frankly don't care that it gets 12 miles to the gallon in the city and 15(maybe) on the highway. Yes, this may make me a bad person, particularly if you read this. You will only be able to read that if you can get past the assinine picture of Al Gore. I mean check it out, it was obviously taken before he discovered baked potatoes and butter. Well read this about Mr. Inconvenient Truth and make your own decision. Then know I am off to the farmers market in my SUV with my canvas bags...and I won't feel guilty about it.


Ellen said...

AMEN....Carbon Footprint is BULLSHIT anyway.

DanaB said...

I hear ya! It's one thing to be mindful of the earth, it's another thing to act like humans, by simply living and breathing on it are killing it. The extremes are what get me.

Great post!!


Ann said...

Yeah, I have always said that Al needs to practice what he preaches.