Friday, May 23, 2008


Every once in a while you have to say to yourself... "Self, are you kidding me?" I had one of those moments yesterday...I got a call from the school, so I answered and it is this really mean, unhappy, bitchy sounding woman, she says, "this is Mrs. M, I am substituting for Mr. T and I am having a problem getting your son to behave", I was flabbergasted and not really sure how to respond, I am thinking, OK, why are you CALLING me in the middle of the school & work day, I know the school has provisions for this sort of thing, send him to the principal, I know she will deal with him.

It gets better....she then proceeds to tell me that she asked him for his mother's phone number so she could call me and he gave her the wrong phone number, which she called and got one of his friends mothers...At this point I am about to fall off my chair, I am trying to decide if I should laugh or kill him. So she says, "will you talk to him?" of course I will talk to him, it is clear he is taking advantage of someone who probably has no business substituting in the first place. So I told him to apologize and I would talk to him when he got home.

I did. It turns out a group of boys in the class were being smartasses and she was having a hard time controlling them. GREAT! Guess the substitute training and screening process is a big success in Volusia County. SO, to summarize..she stopped the class to call me(while I was working by the way), only the first time she got someone else's mother, then got the correct number and called me. Do you wonder how much time did all that take out of the day...because YES, she stopped the class to make an example of my child and call his Mama.

Of course my kid should behave and be respectful in class at all times, and of course he lost plenty of freedom for his antics, particularly the fake phone number. BUT COME ON....can you imagine if every time one of the 8,000 some odd students in our county misbehaved they stopped classes to call their parents.

It would be chaos.


Ann said...

Subs have no clue.