Thursday, May 29, 2008

Please Pick Charlie

This is a plea to John McCain....please help save the State of Florida. Please help save the education system in Florida. Please help save Volusia County Schools.

Please pick Charlie Crist to be your running mate!!

Lets start with the schools, behind our buddy Charlie, the biggest problem Volusia County Schools has is Margaret Smith the Superintendent. The Beacon has a great rundown on the school boards latest antics and their cutting of 659 positions including 384 teachers. The teachers union says the numbers don't support that deep of a cut, I would say they are right. Nothing else this idiotic board has done has made sense so why should this?

Local 6 reported this morning that our brilliant Governor was unsympathetic to Volusia County teachers and basically said they should quit whining. That is not a quote, I missed the whole story but that is the message he sent. THE PEOPLE'S GOVERNOR, this website is insulting to our intelligence, there are references to President Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and he has quotes by Ronald Reagan, go check it out, if it does not make you want to vomit I will be amazed.

Now after you are done reviewing that ridiculous bit of propaganda, go take a gander at this..... FLORIDA GOVERNOR if you can get past the garbage news headlines he has listed take a look at the right hand side, the links to the Hope Task Force(Foreclosure Prevention), they sure say nothing on that one.

Amendment ONE this one needs no words, other than to point out what a success this plan was, it has without a doubt contributed to the destruction of our public school system, yes, each and every homeowner will save a couple hundred bucks and 384 teachers in our county alone will be out of work, only our children suffer, yes Charlie that was sure a smart one!

But my favorite by far is FLORIDA KIDS CARE he actually touts this on his website. Did you see the latest ranking on childrens healthcare? Florida is 50th? The only state that is worse is Oklahoma, now think about this for a minute....Florida does not beat West Virginia, Kentucky, and some other notable states that are not known for healthcare, we are only better than OKLAHOMA. You are kidding me.

So all of the above speaks for itself. Now our buddy Charlie has also jumped into the child custody arena, he signed a bill that takes away the term "primary custody" and replaces it with "parenting plan". Along with a variety of other nonsensical garbage that makes no sense. He obviously has not a clue about the reality of some of these "custody" situations. How will a "parenting plan" work for a mother who has children who have not seen their father in months or years, or those that receive no support, or a variety of other situations, use your imagination. Great plan Charlie, it is right up there with Amendment One and Florida Kids Care. Love it. I wonder if he read it before he signed it....or spoke to any actual parents...

So in conclusion, Mr. McCain, I am sad to say that it is unlikely that you can win the election, so do us a favor in Florida, pick Charlie to be your running mate, you may not be able to save the country but least you can save one state from total destruction.


Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

Jennifer Herbert-Dotson said...

May I link to your blog? This new legislation that Charlie is planning on signing (I hope I didn't miss his stupidly signing it after all the calls and emails he has recieved against it) will only end up helping those with the money to fight in court and will only hurt those who are poor and defenseless (like abuse victims). I pray he has not signed that bill into law yet.

NSB Mom said...

Hi Jennifer, the News Journal in Daytona has a very very small little piece buried in the paper that he did sign it. Please feel free to link to me and I will do the same!