Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Save the Beach

The Beach Renourishment Project continues, this is what is looks like when the sand is running full force. They are situated right off Flager in front of The Breakers Restaurant. You can click on the webcam on the right hand menu to watch it live and listen to the waves of course!

I found some old information from 2006 on the Save the Beach effort if you are interested in how it works. It does not appear to have been updated in awhile but it is very interesting reading if you are not familiar with what has gone on.


Justmatt said...

thanks for the info NSB Mom! I stumbled on your site a few weeks ago when I was looking for bloggers from NSB. My wife and her family have been visiting NSB for the last 30 years and we have been doing so since we started dating & have been married (10 yrs total). We were there 2 weeks ago and noticed the project as it was in front of the Watermark (our normal stomping grounds). Thanks for the Link to the info site. Good to know what is going on!

NSB Mom said...

You are most welcome Justmatt. The Flagler Ramp being closed for two weeks has the weekend traffic all screwy...traffic, New Smyrna not really used in the same sentence much!

Justmatt said...

I am sure that makes Flagler ave lots of fun - especially on the weekends!