Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sea Turtle Protection & Other Beach Stuff

It is Sea Turtle Nesting Season, this runs from May 1 until October 31, Beach Driving hours are 8am-7pm in Volusia County, signs like the ones above can be found all along the beach. The Sea Turtle Patrol places tape(similar to crime tape) and stakes around the sea turtle nests. Do not mess with the Sea Turtle Nests. Same goes for the birds, leave them alone too. Mainly because it is the right thing to do. If that is not enough, there are Beach Patrol Officers in big white trucks with lights and guns patrolling the beach all day and into the evening. They will be HAPPY to explain the reasons why you don't mess with the sea turtles.

Please do not litter, there are big blue cans all along the beach for your trash. I followed the beach trash guys this morning on my bike, they were stopping every few feet to pick up cans, bags, and other refuse left behind. Not only is it ugly but it is terribly bad for the wildlife and the environment.

The Speed Limit is 10mph. There are many children on the beach, they will run in front of you. If that is not a good reason to go 10mph refer back to the big bad white trucks that contain Beach Patrol Officers. They WILL pull you over and have full authority to write you a ticket. I saw someone getting one this morning.

We have miles of gorgeous beaches here in New Smyrna with a little cooperation everyone can enjoy them..especially the sea turtles.


Anna said...

Excellent, everyone should SLOW DOWN!!!!