Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deadliest Catch

Do you watch Deadliest Catch? I know, this has nothing to do with New Smyrna Beach, but I love this show. I watched it here and there last season, but have watched the whole thing this season, in fact, if you missed it, you could catch up on the whole season, this past Sunday on Discovery. So, yes I annoyed my children and watched something like 10 episodes, maybe more on Sunday. My daughter kept coming in the room, "so what kind of crab are we catching now?" We went from Brown to King to Opilio(not sure what those are)....she was bored so she kept looking them up on the internet to see who eats them and how much they cost. Midway thru the day long marathon, she started packing her stuff, we can make more money catching crab in Alaska she told me.

I see only a few problems, I don't like to be cold, she hates to be cold. I love to fish off my dock in sight of land, I am thinking a freezing cold boat in the Bering Sea will not work for me.

But it sure is fun to watch people fish in 100 mile an hour winds and 40 foot seas....makes me love Florida all that much more...and the Publix Seafood Department.


Cloudsters said...
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Cloudsters said...

Hey, that's a great show. Wasn't there an episode that really underlined the dangers faced by these fishermen, in which one of the boats is actually lost at sea, with several crew perishing? Could have been another, similar series... found it sobering, and our fish and chips (we don't eat crab or shellfish much) seemed a different thing for days afterwards.