Monday, June 23, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder

I have heard that the Lord does not ever give us more than we can handle. There are days I wonder, because I have had tough days, but I have made it through them...
Then one day something happens and you say..WHAT are you kidding me??

I have a friend Beth, I met her the first week I lived in NC, she brought me into her church, she and her mother welcomed me into a VERY tight knit rural NC community, I became close to their elderly aunt, they are wonderful people, they help others, are selfless and kind no matter what and although they have had their share of heartbreak, they have always kept their faith and done what is right. Her husband, is a huge volunteer in the community, he is a volunteer firefighter, he coaches youth baseball, he volunteers at his church, he is just a wonderful man.

Back to my friend Beth, her son is in 3rd grade, her daughter in Kindergarten, she has a tumor on her spine, in her spine and they have no idea what kind it is or what the outcome will be. I know that her children are younger than mine and she cannot be more than 35. I know that they deserve to have their wonderful mother, I know that I do not understand why any kind and loving God would do this to someone who is so wonderful and allow those not so nice people out there to live a full and happy life. He must have a bigger plan. I hope one day I can see it.

I know that she told me today that she feels it will be ok, some how some way. I am going to try and hand it over to a higher power as she is doing and believe it will be ok.
Please stop and say a prayer for Beth and her family, if you are not the religious sort just stop for a minute and think some good thoughts for her and her husband and her children.


wingnut_sr said...

This is a sad thing to happen. But, there IS still hope. It may be operable and can be removed. It may not be cancerous. Or, it may be fine as is.
Trusting in God's will can be a very hard thing to do. I know this from experience of my own. After the sudden and unexpected death of my wife of 21 years, I had doubts if there even was a God, let alone one who cared. But then I realized that yes, He may have taken her from us, but He also carried my children and myself through it, and He is still there helping us along the way. Oh, I still have days where I have doubts, and I still try to think of a reason for this to have happened. But who am I to argue or debate with Him?
So, all I can offer is just this: Continue to pray, and trust in Him with all you heart. He does have a plan. And pray not just for Beth and her wonderful family, but also for her care givers. That may do what is best for her, and do it well.
They will be in our prayers.