Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have You Tried to Get Health Insurance?

If you have employer based health insurance, be happy, be very, very happy. Until the last two years I have had group health, since I went to work for myself I have had to carry my own. The first year I was stupid. I bought into a policy with MEGA Insurance, this company has minimal coverage, low premiums the first year and then they hit you with a huge increase with your renewal.

So when I moved to Florida I shopped around. Found a great agent in New Smyrna Beach, his name is Jim and he is with Berlin & Denys.

He told me to get my children on their own policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL, so I did, it is a pretty good premium, pretty good coverage. After my son had an emergency room visit they raised my rates a few dollars.

So I have another company because BCBS denied me last year, at a dr visit my blood pressure was a tad high, I cannot imagine why, I was moving, getting divorce all that stuff....this year my doctor advised I apply again with BCBS, since the coverage is better and I am in good health. I was denied.

WHY, because I regularly visit my doctor. I get my Blood Pressure checked regularly and so on in order to be sure I stay in good health....well according to BCBS I go to the doctor too much. He says I am in excellent health and a great risk...but according to them I should not go see him if I want insurance.

Talk about oxymoron.....the best part is when you apply you have to pay the first months premium....if you are denied they DO NOT refund it until you call and ask. So, one would think that if you are denied, you would immediately send you your money back....NOPE, gotta call and ask for it.
So...if you have group insurance, be happy, very, very happy!