Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Call Me Stupid

I have this really great man who details my vehicle, he also does several of my friends cars, he comes to your house, he has two regular guys who work for him. They are great, they do a fantastic job for a reasonable price. So...on Friday I arranged for him to wash and clean out my truck. He came with two women, my regular guys were apparently at the car lot cleaning new cars. They were nice enough and did their usual great job, I paid him and gave the girls a nice tip. All was well.

Today, my doorbell rang and one of these two women from Friday is at my door, she asks me if I have any work she can do for me. I said no, but thank you. She starts crying and tells me she has only two diapers left and is there anything she can do for $10.00. I know what you are thinking....but...I am an idiot, I have had 4.00 or less in my checking account. If it were not for my parents and brothers I would have been hungry a few times. So, I felt sorry for her, my growling dog should have been a clue...I gave her 10.00 and sent her on her way. Go ahead, say it..I am a moron....

Fast forward...she went to my friends house whose car they did Friday too, same story, his wife was home and she sent her packing, and called the man who owns the company, he called me, long story short, there is no baby and no diapers, he got suckered too, he let her work on Friday for him as a favor to a friend. Since then she has been hitting up his customers for "ten bucks". He is mortified and totally apologetic. Wants to bring me my 10 bucks. I told him, it is certainly not a reflection on him and I certainly do not think less of him because he got SUCKERED too.

I know there are plenty of people out there that are desperate to take care of their children, keep their homes, buy gas to get to work, and an assortment of other situations....I would love to give them ten bucks. But someone who takes advantage of a kind man who is trying to earn a living and then comes to my door, makes me feel sorry for a non-existent baby, there is a special place waiting for her, I hope she enjoys it when she gets there.


Alana said...

What a bitch, she probably wanted to buy crack. NICE.