Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oil, Florida and Charlie

I think Charlie Crist is an idiot.

Charlie has not really done anything that he promised when he was elected....but he has been a party to the TOTAL destruction of the schools in Florida, he has been instrumental in the undoing of class size restrictions and putting our state DEAD LAST in children's healthcare. GO CHARLIE!!

So just when you think he cannot do anything worse....he DOES! Now Charlie has changed gears again, he is now supporting offshore oil drilling in Florida. IT is mind boggling how much he can waffle in order to become the Vice President. Read about it here...and understand, that 68 million acres of APPROVED areas for oil drilling are not being used.....

According to the trio of idiots(McCain, Bush, Crist)....this new support of Florida oil drilling will SAVE the country from our obnoxious gas prices....that is BEYOND ridiculous. Did you see the profits of the oil companies? Lets contribute to their profits and let them drill in Florida.

I should be clear, I am a registered Republican, for obvious reasons that is certainly embarrasing. I cannot vote for Obama, because, a vote for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. BUT, then again, I cannot vote for McCain, who is contributing to BIG OIL profits and the further destruction of our state. . It is truly sad that we have no options. Why in the world do we as citizens sit here and allow a substandard govenor to wreck our schools, and now contribute to the destruction of our environment.

This new LETS SAVE THE WORLD and DRILL IN FL option is all about taking the focus off of the dismal and ridiculous OIL IS SCARCE propaganda..... This country is NOT using over 50% of its oil leases. IF we use them, the oil company profits will decrease, big oil wants big money, take a look at the multi-billion dollar profits. It is certainly disgraceful, when many people cannot afford to drive to work.

Charlie has sold out and is kissing up to whoever he has to in order to get to Washington.


Ann said...

Once again, we have and election with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. One word, libertarian.