Thursday, June 5, 2008

Updates & Interesting Stuff

Only two more days of school, I am trying to decide if I am happy or sad. On one hand the never ending battle to "get up please, you are going to miss the bus" is over, but it presents a whole new set of problems when you work at home. Keep them busy is all I can say!

On to more interesting items of local note...

All you Gator hunters out there, you have til Tuesday to get your Gator permit. Florida Fish and Wildlife has about 4,500 to sell on a first come first serve basis. Gotta get me one of those! Gonna kill me a gator. HA!

Good news is that the proposed and planned park at Esther Street and the ocean has been rescued. The city Community Redevelopment Agency saved them with 1.3 million dollars of funding for the project. Great job, the area needs the park.

Have you bought tires lately? I have not purchased a set of tires in....well never. I think by the time my tires wore out I bought a new car, but my new economically smarter self (this means poor) is keeping the current vehicle probably forever, or until the wheels fall off. SO, in hopes that I can keep the wheels from falling off I had to buy tires this week. Talk about sticker shock, when the price of the first set of tires sent me into hyperventilation, the folks at Stuart's Car Care located at Washington and US1 took the time to price about ten different brands and types for me, they checked the manufacturers recommendations and held my hand while I made a decision. This involved several phone calls to my parents and brother as again I am tire challenged. I am happy to say, I will have new tires today and it will again be safe to drive over 60 mph.

Enjoy the day! It will be one of the last with peace until fall!


Justmatt said...

Woo Hoo! Any word on when they will start construction on the park?

NSB Mom said...

The contract for the purchase of a piece of it was extended, all they have to do is close and they are good to go!!!