Saturday, June 28, 2008

Volusia Administrators Take Pay Cut?

Well some of them anyway.....check it out here and please scroll down to read the comments at the end of the News Journal Article.

It is a little too little and a little too late for our schools. Where is the school board and the Staff?

Here again is The Superintendents ORG CHART if that does not make you say...WHAT? Check out the STAFF. Our stellar Superintendent has 17, yes count them 17 people on her "staff". That does NOT include the admin people. Did not see any of them on the paycut list. But look closely, the COPY CENTER LEADER with her whopping 30,000 something salary is taking a cut.

The whole thing is pretty insulting to children, parents, taxpayers, the 220+ educators that lost their jobs.

COME on Margaret, you can surely do better than that.....if you are waiting for a gold star forget it. How many of your pay cuts are "double dipping" - see the comments on the article for more info on that!!!!!