Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekend Events-Canal Street

Took this today at 15th Street, beautiful morning here in paradise.

This weekend think Canal Street.

The New Smyrna Farmer's Market is open from 7:00am-12:30pm. Get your fresh bread, local produce and more at this weekly event.

It is the first Saturday in August so the Gallery Walk takes place from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Check out the Clay Gallery, they offer entertainment, refreshments and fun in their beautiful gardens during this event.

Romesco's Wine Bar and Restaurant has some excellent food and a large wine selection.

If you are checking out Canal Street you have to hit the Fountain at Little Drug's. They feature an actual old fashioned ice cream counter. Take your kids and have a blast from the past.

I was really surprised when I really checked out Canal Street, there is a ton of shops, restaurants and things to do, so park your car in one of several parking lots around town, ride your bike or take a walk down Canal Street this weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Is Almost Over

Summer vacation that is. In 19 short days we will once again feel the joy only a mother at the end of summer vacation can feel. The sight, sound and diesel smell of the school bus. I for one cannot wait. Summer vacation is far too long. Three days into it my kids are bored (although they go to every camp imaginable), they are fighting and driving me nuts.

I work at home, on the telephone, there is nothing as unprofessional as your children screaming in the background with Disney channel blaring. My son got home from camp a scant 30 minutes ago and already I have broken up two fights, had to leave my office three times to turn down and then off the television...and NO once they get beyond toddler stage it does not get better, worse I think as the bigger they get the harder they fight.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid People Should Not Have Pets

This is my cat. I did not want a cat. I have a dog. Until this weekend I lived in the north beach end of New Smyrna Beach, I had this beautiful black cat hanging around, I had been feeding her a bit and she made herself at home in my garage. Soon two more adult cats and two kittens joined her. They were too scared to come in but I gave them some food outside. Imagine my surprise to find out that one of my neighbors had left the two cats and kittens when she moved out. Just put them outside and drove away. When I moved I took this black cat you see in the picture and she has adapted very well to indoor life, she was declawed prior to be left outside to fend for herself(talk about STUPID). She is a sweet, happy pet. My children and I spent hours trying to catch the mother cat and her kittens so we could take them to a shelter, I never was able to catch the kittens and did not think I could take the mother and leave the kittens.

My question is what kind of person puts their pet outside, packs their house and moves? She never looked back....her name is Kathy and I know she reads this blog, you should have taken them to a shelter, given them some reasonable chance. You should be ashamed of yourself. There are too many people like you Kathy, and make no mistake, there is a special place in hell for you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I May Never Pay Full Price Again

I moved this past weekend, yes, I am smart, move in Florida in July, "what was I thinking?", that is a story for another time. I moved from a furnished house to one that isn't. So, you guessed it, time to go shopping....I have decided that New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater area is not only the "shark bite capitol of the world", but we are also the thrift store capitol of Florida. We have just to name a few:

Habitat For Humanity~Hospice~Drug Fee Youth Thrift~Womens Care Center Resale Shop~Thrifty Threads Consignment~Christ Community Church~Faith House Thrift Boutique~Cor-Meth Boutique~Pink Door Hospital Auxiliary~Goodwill Industries

I am sure I missed a few but that is 10 in a five mile is resale heaven here in our little town. I have been in several of these hunting up furniture, housewares, rugs, bedding all sorts of things...some of these stores have nicer things than I had in my house when I had things in my house.

Garage and Yard Sales are another source of delight for my new addiction to not paying full price....I hit one and got my son 5 pairs of O'Neil board shorts for $1.00 a pair, rash guards for $2.00, are you kidding me, a couple of these pairs have the tags on them.

But I hit the motherload on Saturday, I found a leather sofa with ottoman, I mean it looks brand new, came out of a gorgeous house, $100.00, yes, you heard me $100.00. You cannot beat that with a stick. Put that with an antique table my parents gave me and two beautiful brass lamps my neighbor rescued from her friends trash (yes, people throw away nicer things than I own, it is sad)...and you have an awesome living room.
So my little some money, go secondhand. Now if you really want to save money, email me and I will send you my recipe for homemade laundry detergent. No, I am not kidding!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is Shark Week on Discovery Channel, if you are local to New Smyrna Beach you may want to tune in, being that we live in the "shark bite capitol of the world" I am sure we will get some press. This year so far we have had something like 15 reported shark bites. I have lost count. The majority happen near the inlet where sharks come to feed and surfers come to surf. Imagine, people surfing in a known feeding area for sharks....and they get bit. AMAZING!

For some great coverage on our local shark fun head on over to the Chum Slick.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend Look Ahead

This weekend is the Art Walk on Flagler, it is the Christmas in July event which is always great fun, lots of vendors, food and fun. Get a jump on your Christmas shopping with local artists and vendors. They will be open from 10am-5pm but come early, the afternoon rains are back for sure.

Someone emailed me about Kayaking. There are a couple of options for that. The Marine Discovery Center now offers kayaks and canoes, you can get a guided tour or rent and go off on your own. Another one located in Port Orange is Cracker Creek Canoeing. They offer kayaking, tours, boat rides and all sort of other fun activites.

You can also take the Water Taxi over to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse they have a great gift shop, there is a nice restaurant and if you are brave and healthy you can climb the 211 steps to the top of the lighthouse!

Have a great advance!

Things That Make You Say HUH?

So the news this week as been full of are you kidding me moments.....

Just a few to note:

Little Caylee Anthony, whose disapearance and probable murder is getting national attention. What in the world is her grandmother thinking? Even her husband is trying to get her to shut up. She is claiming that the decomp smell that cadaver dogs identified is from an old piece of pizza. I am fairly certain that these dogs do not confuse pizza with human remains. She has made a variety of other outrageous statements all caught forever by the news media, including not remembering when she saw this child last.....I am pretty sure if one of my kids was not around for 4 or 5 weeks my parents would remember when last they saw them and they would be flipping their lids to find out where they were...... It is very sad.

Barack Obama acting like he is already president. As frightening as that is more ridiculous to think that the only choices we have to lead this country are him or John McCain. That is an are you kidding me all by itself.

But my favorite ridiculous moment came this week while browsing in The Big Bamboo on Flagler Ave. I overheard a woman telling her husband that they needed to find a new place to vacation because of our "dangerous, shark infested waters". He said to her, "Honey, you don't swim", she looked at him strangely and said "well if I did I would be afraid to get bit"........ My kids were with me and they were looking at me waiting, just waiting for me to comment., they know me so well. I waited til we got in the car and before I could even say anything, they both said at once...."ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Stumble~My Favorites

No Stumbling today, here are my favorites...

Pioneer Woman

WAHM Revolution

Ann Crabs

Another Chance Ranch

Simple Life

I have many more...but these are my favorites!!

They Are Out There~part 2

I took my son the 11 year old surfer dude to the beach yesterday, great day, not to crowded, he and a friend surfed for awile and then came in to throw a football around. The beach patrol went flying by lights and sirens blaring, and stopped about 20 feet from us up the beach. So of course the nosy boys had to go see what was happening, meanwhile some lady goes running by yelling shark, shark, get the kids out of the water. I am thinking shut up lady. The funny part was no one was jumping up and running or responding to her attempt to incite a riot.

The boys came back to inform me that indeed a guy was sitting on his board and got bit by "something, about 4 feet long" and it was a superficial wound, the beach patrol provided first aid and he was reclining on a beach chair. I am not sure if he went on to the hospital, but since there was no front page news screaming about the "shark bite capitol of the world" I am guessing not.

I asked the boys if they were ready to go, they looked at me like I was nuts, picked up their boards and headed for the water. I am not sure if I should be happy they are not scared or nervous.

Did you know that more people are killed each year by falling vending machines than shark attacks? Thanks to the Marine Discovery Center summer camp for that piece of shark trivia.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend at the Beach

The weather is supposed to be great for the beach this weekend. A few other things going on...

Free Stuff includes Fireworks on Saturday night at Daytona Beach Pier, they start at 9:45pm and the Flagler Ave Motorcycle Show & Stroll is also Saturday night in New Smyrna Beach from 5-9pm

Of course the beach is always free....well except for that pesky toll.

The Dark Knight premieres today. Show times for the Beacon Theater, 104 Dixie Freeway are:

12:30PM 0 1:00PM 0 1:30PM 0 3:45PM 0 4:15PM 0 5:00PM 0 7:00PM 0 7:30PM 0 8:15PM 010:15PM 012:00AM

You can call them at 428-8484 to see what is sold out.

New Smyrna Speedway has a full schedule of events as well if racing is your thing.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Northern Lights over Yellow Knife Canada, not sure who to give credit for these pictures, but they are beautiful!

Monday, July 14, 2008

They Are Out There!

Just when you think the shark hoopla has died down, they are back!!! Check out these awesome photos by Kem McNair taken this weekend at the inlet.

They really need no comment, but I am sure someone will be clamoring to close the beach by day's end!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Stumble

Do you use sunscreen? I do and I make sure my kids always have it on at the pool and the beach. So imagine my surprise when I read this study about the chemicals in sunscreen are dangerous or do not adequately protect. Biggest offenders - Coppertone, Banana Boat and Neutrogena, GREAT, I have two of those three brands in my house right now.

So then I went to the Household Products Database sponsored by the US Dept of Health. Here is a lot of information on what you have in your house, under your sink in your garage. It contains lists of ingredients, health concerns, manufacturers etc. Some scary stuff here.

So on to food. Check out the World's Healthiest Foods website. I like the recipe section. Good information all around in a nice clean easy to use format.

Also Simple Steps is a good one, this post on their site talks about which organic foods are really worth buying. Good stuff.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Stuff

So what is happening in New Smyrna Beach this weekend? Not much.....the surf is rough, lots of rip currents, thunderstorms and a few jellyfish here and there. There is a band at the OM Bar on Flagler tonight that is supposed to be pretty good. Not much else that I could dig up to do for fun.

NSB Parks and Rec is signing up for Fall Baseball and Soccer, Police Athletic League is also holding signups for Fall Football for ages 13-15. Click the links above for the specific information.

Have a great weekend!

Your Gonna Miss This

What do you miss?

Better yet, what do you not even realize that you will miss. I remember my Grandma telling me not to wish my life away, although that was way over 20 years ago it seems like yesterday. (your gonna miss this) She has been gone a long time and I still miss her and think about things she said to me, I remember how not a day went by that one of us did not visit her. I tell my kids stories about growing up and things my brothers and I did. (your gonna miss this)

I am pretty lucky, I have done stupid things, I have made bad choices(most of which I am so glad Grandma has not seen), in spite of all that I am blessed with two really good kids and GREAT parents, GREAT brothers and GOOD friends. I have nothing to complain about...a messy house, lots of laundry and a small closet are not things to bitch about.

One of my dear friends and faithful readers (who is dying of cancer), told me today that she never realized what she would miss when she is gone, what her kids and her husband and her mother will miss. She is 33 years old, she has two elementary age children. We were talking and she said, I guess I won't miss this, because I will be gone, but my kids will miss this, my Mom will miss this, Chuck(her husband) will miss this. She said I was in such a hurry to get "here" that I think I missed alot.

I can relate. I moved, always a bigger, better house, better job, more the end it cost not only me, but my children alot. Their Daddy, my ex husband is gone, the cost of that is huge, we lost in a monetary way but not only that it is sad for everyone. That tiny house we started out in might not have been so bad..... "your gonna miss this"

So the moral of this story is whatever it is that you are in a hurry to get to....a bigger house, your kids going to school, a better job... whatever...don't forget about right now....and enjoy right now...if you don't you might say later....I missed that.

Unless you are in a huge the video. Remember...Your Gonna Miss This.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome To Metropolis

Until today,(thanks Dad) I had NO idea there really was a Metropolis, it is in Illinois on the Ohio River.

It is Superman's Hometown , the Chamber of Commerce and the City all have a Superman theme. This ridiculously large statue is in front of the courthouse, yes the courthouse. Makes you think twice about jumping bail doesn't it?

NO this has nothing to do with New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Schools, Tolls, Parks or anything else beach related....but I could not resist sharing this statue with you.

SO...who do you think should be memorialized in front of the New Smyrna Beach Courthouse?

Beach Tolls

So what do you think about the toll dilemma? Volusia Commissioners are revisiting this again. Some think that dropping the tolls will bring more people to the beach. News Journal has both sides of the issue in yesterday's edition. I see both sides, I guess. I am not sure that $5.00 is prohibiting anyone from visiting our beaches for the day. A gallon of gas is over $4.00 so paying 5.00 to get on the beach does not seem like much to me. If you are a county resident you can pay $20.00 for the year. This is perfectly reasonable. I drive on the beach 4 or more times a week, I think $20.00 is a great deal for the privilege.

According to the article: Volusia expects to collect about $2 million from the beach tolls this year, a fraction of the $12 million the county plans to spend to manage the beach.
Republic Parking will get nearly $800,000 this year to collect the beach tolls. The county also budgeted $400,000 for capital improvements. That means the county will net about $855,000 of the $2 million in beach tolls.

I think 855K is a pretty big number to give up. Although it is a drop in the 12 million dollar bucket that is costs to maintain the beach. It is still going to be expensive to maintain the beach, no matter how you look at it or how many tolls you charge. Anyone can visit the beach, we just pay to drive on it. I think that is fair.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Work At Home

This is me....well not exactly me, I am blonde. But, I do work at home and the last couple weeks I have had several people ask me how and what I do. So here are some good sites that you can use as a resource if you really want to work at home.

Rat Race Rebellion

eMoms at Home

Work At Home Mom Revolution

There are a ton of sites out there for work at home advice, these three are my favorites, all offer advice, and some legitimate opportunities for work at home. Good luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Stumble

I have been slipping on the Stumble, here is what I found this week.

Yes2Menus - I love this one. It has local menus and coupons for local restaurants.

Wish Upon a Hero - not sure what I think about this one. could be great but I am a little skeptical

Kids in Mind - this one is good if you have kids, it gives a realistic rating of movies and such.

Postcrossing - this is another one I like. You sign up and then mail and receive postcards around the world. Real live mailed postcards, kind of fun to see where they come from. My kids are having fun with it.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marine Discovery Center

Just one more plug for the summer camps at Marine Discovery Center located on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach. My daughter went to the camp for 8-11 year olds this week, The Mangrove Maniacs. They learned so much and had a great time doing it. They kayaked, took boat rides, visited bird island, had a visit from the bird lady, took a trip by water to the Ponce Inlet Museum and Lighthouse. Learned about all forms of life in the river, got a chance to fish, and all sorts of other water related things. The last day they did a little presentation and parents could see a slideshow of the weeks activities. It was a great time and my "I hate to get up in the morning" daughter jumped out of bed every day to get there. She is greatly anticipating her next week there.

They have a snorkeling camp for older kids that is held in July and some other ones for younger kids as well. Check it out.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4th

Fireworks in New Smyrna were cancelled this year but you can still see them in Edgewater. They will be held in Menard Park on July 4th.

The Fire and Rescue Department of Edgewater will also have activities all day long. Beginning at 8am, vendors, food, drink, kids activities and the big three boat builders showing off their boats will be in attendance.

The fireworks will start around 9pm.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My son plays Little League, he LOVES Baseball, he is very proud of himself for making the All Star Team in his age group. His team is going to play in a tournament.....if it ever stops raining every day. Since it is Florida in the summer I am guessing it won't this could go on all summer!
But, he got himself some new baseball cards today at the bookstore, they had a contest in them to win a Yankees trip. He entered to win....then told me, Mom, I don't really want to go on that trip. I asked him why he entered....he said, "I want to win it and give to Grandpa and Uncle Rick. They would LOVE a Yankee trip." He is one good kid....thanks Little League.