Monday, July 28, 2008

I May Never Pay Full Price Again

I moved this past weekend, yes, I am smart, move in Florida in July, "what was I thinking?", that is a story for another time. I moved from a furnished house to one that isn't. So, you guessed it, time to go shopping....I have decided that New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater area is not only the "shark bite capitol of the world", but we are also the thrift store capitol of Florida. We have just to name a few:

Habitat For Humanity~Hospice~Drug Fee Youth Thrift~Womens Care Center Resale Shop~Thrifty Threads Consignment~Christ Community Church~Faith House Thrift Boutique~Cor-Meth Boutique~Pink Door Hospital Auxiliary~Goodwill Industries

I am sure I missed a few but that is 10 in a five mile is resale heaven here in our little town. I have been in several of these hunting up furniture, housewares, rugs, bedding all sorts of things...some of these stores have nicer things than I had in my house when I had things in my house.

Garage and Yard Sales are another source of delight for my new addiction to not paying full price....I hit one and got my son 5 pairs of O'Neil board shorts for $1.00 a pair, rash guards for $2.00, are you kidding me, a couple of these pairs have the tags on them.

But I hit the motherload on Saturday, I found a leather sofa with ottoman, I mean it looks brand new, came out of a gorgeous house, $100.00, yes, you heard me $100.00. You cannot beat that with a stick. Put that with an antique table my parents gave me and two beautiful brass lamps my neighbor rescued from her friends trash (yes, people throw away nicer things than I own, it is sad)...and you have an awesome living room.
So my little some money, go secondhand. Now if you really want to save money, email me and I will send you my recipe for homemade laundry detergent. No, I am not kidding!


Ann said...

Send it to me, babe!