Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Is Almost Over

Summer vacation that is. In 19 short days we will once again feel the joy only a mother at the end of summer vacation can feel. The sight, sound and diesel smell of the school bus. I for one cannot wait. Summer vacation is far too long. Three days into it my kids are bored (although they go to every camp imaginable), they are fighting and driving me nuts.

I work at home, on the telephone, there is nothing as unprofessional as your children screaming in the background with Disney channel blaring. My son got home from camp a scant 30 minutes ago and already I have broken up two fights, had to leave my office three times to turn down and then off the television...and NO once they get beyond toddler stage it does not get better, worse I think as the bigger they get the harder they fight.


Ann said...

Thanks for the ripping away my dreams of peacefulness when they are older!

NSB Mom said...

Reality SUCKS my friend!!!