Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid People Should Not Have Pets

This is my cat. I did not want a cat. I have a dog. Until this weekend I lived in the north beach end of New Smyrna Beach, I had this beautiful black cat hanging around, I had been feeding her a bit and she made herself at home in my garage. Soon two more adult cats and two kittens joined her. They were too scared to come in but I gave them some food outside. Imagine my surprise to find out that one of my neighbors had left the two cats and kittens when she moved out. Just put them outside and drove away. When I moved I took this black cat you see in the picture and she has adapted very well to indoor life, she was declawed prior to be left outside to fend for herself(talk about STUPID). She is a sweet, happy pet. My children and I spent hours trying to catch the mother cat and her kittens so we could take them to a shelter, I never was able to catch the kittens and did not think I could take the mother and leave the kittens.

My question is what kind of person puts their pet outside, packs their house and moves? She never looked back....her name is Kathy and I know she reads this blog, you should have taken them to a shelter, given them some reasonable chance. You should be ashamed of yourself. There are too many people like you Kathy, and make no mistake, there is a special place in hell for you.