Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Stumble

Do you use sunscreen? I do and I make sure my kids always have it on at the pool and the beach. So imagine my surprise when I read this study about the chemicals in sunscreen are dangerous or do not adequately protect. Biggest offenders - Coppertone, Banana Boat and Neutrogena, GREAT, I have two of those three brands in my house right now.

So then I went to the Household Products Database sponsored by the US Dept of Health. Here is a lot of information on what you have in your house, under your sink in your garage. It contains lists of ingredients, health concerns, manufacturers etc. Some scary stuff here.

So on to food. Check out the World's Healthiest Foods website. I like the recipe section. Good information all around in a nice clean easy to use format.

Also Simple Steps is a good one, this post on their site talks about which organic foods are really worth buying. Good stuff.

Have a great Sunday!


Ann said...

Thankfully, the one cleaning product I use the most came out with a clean rating--Fantastic!