Sunday, July 20, 2008

They Are Out There~part 2

I took my son the 11 year old surfer dude to the beach yesterday, great day, not to crowded, he and a friend surfed for awile and then came in to throw a football around. The beach patrol went flying by lights and sirens blaring, and stopped about 20 feet from us up the beach. So of course the nosy boys had to go see what was happening, meanwhile some lady goes running by yelling shark, shark, get the kids out of the water. I am thinking shut up lady. The funny part was no one was jumping up and running or responding to her attempt to incite a riot.

The boys came back to inform me that indeed a guy was sitting on his board and got bit by "something, about 4 feet long" and it was a superficial wound, the beach patrol provided first aid and he was reclining on a beach chair. I am not sure if he went on to the hospital, but since there was no front page news screaming about the "shark bite capitol of the world" I am guessing not.

I asked the boys if they were ready to go, they looked at me like I was nuts, picked up their boards and headed for the water. I am not sure if I should be happy they are not scared or nervous.

Did you know that more people are killed each year by falling vending machines than shark attacks? Thanks to the Marine Discovery Center summer camp for that piece of shark trivia.


Ann said...

Love the trivia!