Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things That Make You Say HUH?

So the news this week as been full of are you kidding me moments.....

Just a few to note:

Little Caylee Anthony, whose disapearance and probable murder is getting national attention. What in the world is her grandmother thinking? Even her husband is trying to get her to shut up. She is claiming that the decomp smell that cadaver dogs identified is from an old piece of pizza. I am fairly certain that these dogs do not confuse pizza with human remains. She has made a variety of other outrageous statements all caught forever by the news media, including not remembering when she saw this child last.....I am pretty sure if one of my kids was not around for 4 or 5 weeks my parents would remember when last they saw them and they would be flipping their lids to find out where they were...... It is very sad.

Barack Obama acting like he is already president. As frightening as that is more ridiculous to think that the only choices we have to lead this country are him or John McCain. That is an are you kidding me all by itself.

But my favorite ridiculous moment came this week while browsing in The Big Bamboo on Flagler Ave. I overheard a woman telling her husband that they needed to find a new place to vacation because of our "dangerous, shark infested waters". He said to her, "Honey, you don't swim", she looked at him strangely and said "well if I did I would be afraid to get bit"........ My kids were with me and they were looking at me waiting, just waiting for me to comment., they know me so well. I waited til we got in the car and before I could even say anything, they both said at once...."ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"