Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Work At Home

This is me....well not exactly me, I am blonde. But, I do work at home and the last couple weeks I have had several people ask me how and what I do. So here are some good sites that you can use as a resource if you really want to work at home.

Rat Race Rebellion

eMoms at Home

Work At Home Mom Revolution

There are a ton of sites out there for work at home advice, these three are my favorites, all offer advice, and some legitimate opportunities for work at home. Good luck!


Invisible Blogger said...

Do I know you?? I posted rat race rebellion several times recently on the New Smyrna Beach Cafe.

NSB Mom said...

I think so, I think we chat on Freecycle now and then too. Great site that rat race rebellion. Thanks!

Invisible Blogger said...

Small world .. well.. no.. big world. Small town :-P

Shhhhh I'm invisible here LOL!