Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Gonna Miss This

What do you miss?

Better yet, what do you not even realize that you will miss. I remember my Grandma telling me not to wish my life away, although that was way over 20 years ago it seems like yesterday. (your gonna miss this) She has been gone a long time and I still miss her and think about things she said to me, I remember how not a day went by that one of us did not visit her. I tell my kids stories about growing up and things my brothers and I did. (your gonna miss this)

I am pretty lucky, I have done stupid things, I have made bad choices(most of which I am so glad Grandma has not seen), in spite of all that I am blessed with two really good kids and GREAT parents, GREAT brothers and GOOD friends. I have nothing to complain about...a messy house, lots of laundry and a small closet are not things to bitch about.

One of my dear friends and faithful readers (who is dying of cancer), told me today that she never realized what she would miss when she is gone, what her kids and her husband and her mother will miss. She is 33 years old, she has two elementary age children. We were talking and she said, I guess I won't miss this, because I will be gone, but my kids will miss this, my Mom will miss this, Chuck(her husband) will miss this. She said I was in such a hurry to get "here" that I think I missed alot.

I can relate. I moved, always a bigger, better house, better job, more the end it cost not only me, but my children alot. Their Daddy, my ex husband is gone, the cost of that is huge, we lost in a monetary way but not only that it is sad for everyone. That tiny house we started out in might not have been so bad..... "your gonna miss this"

So the moral of this story is whatever it is that you are in a hurry to get to....a bigger house, your kids going to school, a better job... whatever...don't forget about right now....and enjoy right now...if you don't you might say later....I missed that.

Unless you are in a huge the video. Remember...Your Gonna Miss This.


Ann said...

Nicely said.

Lez said...

Great, now I am having a midlife crisis...thanks. :) Love you!!!