Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Are you feeling crabby? Well if so come on over to my house. Yesterday this little fellow was hanging out on my porch, then last night my son went in the garage and he and two of his friends came snapping out.....we chased them out with the broom and they went back to crabby world, not to be confused with Wally World or Obama World...(had to sorry)

So tonight I mowed the lawn, usually a happy task reserved for my brother, but the Red Sox and Yankees interfered so I did it myself. I went back to the garage and found I had six, count 'em with me now six of these little guys hanging out in my garage. I leaped on my broom (no comment dear friends and brothers) and sent them packing.....any crab experts out there that want to check in on why my garage is now crab central???? I know we just had a storm and I live across the street from the ocean but COME ON......

One more note...I have actually gotten HATE MAIL about yesterday's Obama post...I am amazed....check back tomorrow for more happy horseshit about our choices for president!!!


Ann said...

Yes, I am right there with you with the crabs. And about the hate mail, you are kidding me? Americans are so stupid it amazes me. Doesn't anyone wonder where this man came from?